Are you Prepared?

Disaster can strike at any time, and with little notice.

Store important documents and information offsite to ensure your family is well protected in an emergency.

Whether you experience a house fire, or you live in an area that's at risk for earthquake, forest fire, hurricanes, or tornados, you need to be prepared.

While some parts of a disaster prep kit are easy to remember, such as food and medicine, others are often missed. People often forget about the important documents they need in the event of an evacuation or to rebuild their lives after disaster has struck.

If your family had to suddenly leave your home and possessions, would you have access to the documents you need to keep you on track?

Important Documents for Emergencies

Using WishesKept will ensure your family is well protected when disaster strikes.

Keep a secure copy of important documents offsite that you can access from anywhere and at any time of the day or night.


Insurance Documents

Life Insurance, Disability, Vehicle, Home, Contents, and Medical Insurance


Emergency Contacts

Family and Relatives, Doctors, Solicitors, Dentist, Health Professionals



Birth, Adoption, Marriage, Divorce Papers. Passports, Licences, Family and Pet Photos


Financial Documents

Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, Investments, Tax Information, Mortgages, Loans, Bills, Utilities and Super Funds


Legal Documents

Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney, Trust Documents, Titles and Deeds, Citizenship Papers


Medical Documents

Insurance Documents, Immunizations, Allergies, Medications, Health Directives

Preparing for a disaster is simply a wise choice.

You have no way of knowing when a disaster will strike, and having important documents will keep your family safe, financially secure and stable during the difficult days ahead.