Being Self Employed is Complicated

Could your loved ones sort out your business affairs?

No matter what type of business you are running, your family, clients and partners will have a major headache if something serious happens to you.

Without clear documentation, they won't  know how to keep things running, or how to wind up or restructure the business if you are unable to return to work.

Even a short unplanned stay in the hospital can have a detrimental effect on a business. Customers and clients will lose confidence, staff will become concerned about their pay, suppliers won't get paid, and customers could withhold payments.

When there isn't a plan, family members can end up fighting over a company in court. In partnerships, the battle can be between the family and the surviving partner or partners.

Trying to access online accounts including email and social media can be a nightmare. In some cases, your customers will also be relying on you to keep their businesses running.

Store Everything Important In One Place

WishesKept offers a catagorized electronic filing cabinet, accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night.

Securely record everything important to you and your business in one place. No more searching through filing cabinets or relying on others to find key information.


Formation Documents

Incorporation, Registration, and ShareHolder Documents, Agreements between founders / owners



Intellectual Property, Source Code, Patents, Trademarks, Licenses.


Running Documents

Annual Reports, Meeting Minutes, Resolutions, Operating Procedures


Contracts and Leases

Important Supplier and Customer Contracts. Alternative Supplier Register, Property/Machine Leases



Key-person, Vehicles, Liability, Buildings, Property, Business Interruption, Disability, Other Business Insurances


Customer Source Code

Especially important for self-employed IT owners. How can customers get access to source code etc. if you are not around?


Financial Assets

Business Accounts, Overseas Accounts, Share Holding, Debt Factoring, Lines of Credit, Forward Currency Contracts


Business Assets

Vehicles, Plant, Machinery, Tools, Buildings, Land, and Stock/Inventory


Succession Plan

Who can run the business when you are not there? Who holds passwords/key information? Who should take over?

You don't have to be ill to make use of WishesKept. Your digital vault is the perfect place to securely store everything important to your business.


More than 40% of businesses don’t survive the death of one of its owners, and preparing final accounts can leave loved ones without access to funds for months or years while everything goes through the accountant and probate.